Art installation during the Festival des Architectures Vives, in the Courtyard of Aurès of Montpellier in France. Festival of Architectures Vives lasts 6 days in June.
E. Gobin, C. Morin, B. Joudrier and L. Girault have made a pen for the Wind during 6 days thanks to a mobile, moving due to the air created by spectators’ walks and the changing climate. The mobile enabled the Wind to express itself on canvas (4×4 m).

« The anemograf »
The ten represents excellence by the completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new era. He has a sense of the whole and return to unity. A mobile summarizes these concepts, it embodies motion, instability and perpetual transformation defying the laws of gravity and balance. This is a lightweight structure whose elements are suspended in motion under the action of air and wind flow.

The mobile
Articulated on several strips of wood, tapered volumes float and move without constraints.
These are filled with ink by a pipetting device, falls dropwise on a canvas. « The anemograph » captures its environment and immediately transcribed onto a canvas under the eye of the intrigued viewer.
Time and motion materialize randomly and in a poetic way on a new page. They symbolize the beginning of a new decade and the tenth of the « Festival des Architectures Vives » in Montpellier, France.